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    Fort Story, VA History

    The land of this military post goes back 400 years to when colonists arrived in 1607 on the Chesapeake Bay, and called it Cape Henry. It had a commanding view, and firing position over the entrance to Chesapeake, and was mainly a shore battery. Three hundred years later, the Virginia General Assembly donated Cape Henry to the U.S government, and following shortly in 1914, a military post named Fort Story was built.

    Some major changes occurred for the fort during WWI and WWII. It became part of the Coast Defenses of Chesapeake Bay, was designated as a Harbor Defense Command, and eventually became the headquarters of the Harbor Defense Command. However, after WWII, the 458th Amphibious Truck Company and the Army DUKWS arrived for the first amphibious training. As a result, in 1946, the Transportation Training Command, at Eustis, took over the installation and the post was designated a Transportation Corps installation. Six years later it became a Class I sub-installation of Fort Eustis. Presently, Fort Story is part of the U.S Army Garrison, seventh group, and houses the Eleventh Transportation Battalion Terminal.